Who can use the platform?

The platform can be used by anybody who cares about their positive impact on work tasks, professional environment, local community or a wider context. Some examples can be found below:
- If you want to show and enhance your credibility portfolio
- If you care about your performance standards
- If you wish to keep an interactive reference list with posts from people you respect the most
- If you want to support others and reward them for the positive impact they are achieving
- If you want to grow your professional network and develop meaningful relations
If you have recognised yourself in at least one of the above examples, careermore is definitely for you!

Is the platform free of charge?

Individuals and nonprofit organisations can use the platform for free. Business profiles get a 3-months free trial period. Once the trial period is over, business users can decide to continue using the platform or to withdraw. If business profiles are not interested in continuing using the platform, it is important to know that leaving the platform doesn’t mean losing the already generated posts and connections. Business users can come back within a 12-months period, pay and pick up right where they left off. After the 12-months period, the profile will be deleted.

What makes the platform so unique?

Careermore is all about making good deeds a bit more trendy and ultimately accelerating the care movement that rewards positive examples.It highlights and capitalises on the positive things we all do - achievements, acts of care and help. The platform assists people in getting the recognition that they deserve and helps others to prompt their own acts of care.

Is the platform big enough?

The platform is constantly growing as people are continually seeing the benefits of developing their profiles. However, what really matters for the end users is not how big their network is but how efficiently they can use it.
Careermore has a unique stand-alone value and can bring you benefit even if your network of contacts is quite small. It is not about your network size but it is about the contacts you have and the posts you receive. Once you build the needed profile with the help of your contacts, you can simply share it outside the platform.


A platform where your achievements, acts of care and help are recorded by the people who have something to share about your standards. Apart from being a platform, careermore is also a network and a place to build, keep and develop your credibility. At careermore your employers and employees, colleagues, partners, clients and other stakeholders can post about your specific achievements and good deeds, thus supporting your credibility-building process.

Why should I register with Creermore?

The overall benefit of Careermore is that you can show your credibility whenever and to whomever is needed. Moreover, the received posts come from people with their own credibility already established. The better profile one develops, the greater the benefit. Different types of profiles have specific benefits, which you can see at individual, business and nonprofit.

Which problems can the platform solve?

If you are faced with at least one of the below mentioned situations, Careermore can help your professional and personal life:
- Attracting new employees, members or volunteers - attracting high quality candidates for your organization can be an uneasy task. Boost your reputation and attract more interest for a given position. Reassure the existing applicants about the value you already possess.
- Interviews - what if you as an employer could know as much as possible about the candidate already during a job interview? With careermore, the ideal candidate will already have proven credibility, confirmed by multiple and credible sources. The ideal candidate will have already presented you with their profile, making your final decision much easier and more certain.
- Managing your team - team members who lack motivation can be demotivational and disturbing. Managing motivation is one of the most important and delicate management concepts in general. Careermore can be used as an efficient management tool for stimulating rewarding recognition and motivation.
- Attracting new clients and reassuring the existing ones - if you care about your clients and you can’t wait to provide them with assistance, you shouldn’t worry about your business. Do your new customers know about your standards? Capitalise on the experience of your existing clients and present them with your effective and positive standards.
- Partnerships - entering new partnerships can be risky. Not knowing the person on the other side, especially when significant resources are at stake, often leads to indecisiveness and, in the worst case scenario, wrong decisions. The ideal future partner in business will have proven credibility, confirmed by multiple and credible sources. They will have already presented you with their profile, making your final decision much easier and more certain.
- New suppliers - choosing a credible new supplier for a one-off task or regular assistance would be much easier and secure if we knew more about the supplier’s standards. careermore is a good place to start looking for a new supplier or a supplier with an already established credibility.
- Looking and applying for a job - as a job candidate you are often faced with challenging situations and questions. How to find the right company? How to present yourself via a simple email and your resume? Finally, how to demonstrate your value and skills during a short interview? Carreremore can solve all of the above insecurities. With careermore, you can search for businesses that are hiring, attach your profile information to the application and attend an interview with people who already know all the best about you.
- Offering or looking for properties to rent - moving into a new home or letting somebody into your home is a delicate matter. Tenants want and need to know their landlords, while the landlords need to know their tenants as well. Who are you letting onto your property? Where does this person work? What kind of person are they? The same goes for the tenant’s question. What type of person is your new landlord? What if you could know what the previous tenants had to say about them? Use careermore and get ready for the next challenging situation you might face.

Is there a risk from creating a profile?

There is no risk when creating a profile as this platform is focused on positive acts only.Individuals, businesses and organizations can focus on building their profiles on this platform completely carefree, since the platform focuses primarily on the following categories - achievement, care and help. Should you find a post inappropriate, you can choose between hiding it or deleting it straight away.

Once I register on the platform, what should Ido first?

Right after you sign up, start inviting others and receiving posts for your specific acts and achievements. You can also give the deserved recognition to your company, colleagues, partners and everybody else who has justified it.

Why has Careermore been developed?

Because we believe in the goodness of people! Also, because we think that this is something we should talk and think about more. Seeing many toxic platforms bringing people to burn out and causing negative effects from inappropriate reviews, we became encouraged to develop careermore. We all need something encouraging to change our perspectives and set a new course or a fresh perspective - a belief that we can do more, care more and help more. This is why we have created careermore, a place where people can keep track of their good deeds and valuable contacts.

Which language should I use?

The platform is currently available in 3 languages - English, Bulgarian and Croatian. We recommend that you choose the language you mostly use in your professional circles. The language change affects only the static content of the platform. The user generated content (the posts) remains in the language in which the user writes. If you already know which language will bring you the most value, ask your contacts to use this language when generating a post for your achievements and acts of care and help.

What happens with business profiles which stop covering the monthly fee?

Unless you delete your business profile, we will keep your information for a 12-months period but other users won’t have access to it. There is a 12-months period within which you can reactivate your account and get full access to all functionalities by covering a monthly fee. There is no fee required for the period when you were not using your account.

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