Getting started

How to use careermore?
The simplest way to present your credibility.
Guide for the available functions and sections of careermore.

1. Create a profile

Follow the screen sequence and simply enter your details to finish the sign up process.
Some of the registration fields can be skipped.
Later, once signed up, you can add more information to your profile through ‘profile settings'.

2. Invite others

Click the ‘invite others’ button. Here you can choose between two invitation options:
- ‘join my network’
- ‘share about my achievement, act of care or help’.

The purpose of ‘join my network’ invitation is to invite friends, colleagues and anybody who you think might like or benefit from it.

‘Share about my achievement, act of care or help’ is more specific. This option addresses the receiver with an invitation to share about your standards through one of the 3 categories - achievement, care or help.

3. Share your profile

Click the ‘share your profile’ button and choose how to share it, e.g. via whatsapp, viber, email, etc. This function shares the information from your profile with people outside the platform. This means that your profile can be shared with people who do not have registration in careermore. Once shared, people can view your profile and be presented to your credibility through your achievements, acts of care and help.

The above 3 steps will be enough to provide you with the unique stand alone value of careermore - creating a credibility portfolio. Create a profile, get posts from the people who know your standards best and share your profile with people outside the platform.

4. Search tool

Type in the search engine who you look for. This can be a member of your team you want to post about, a company you want to check or a new place to work at, etc. The auto suggest function in the search engine will indicate if the person or organisation you are looking for has a profile in careermore.

The filter option on your right side helps you to narrow your search. Here you can indicate specific search intentions, e.g. business users in given country or town, which are hiring.

4.1 After search

After search is complete and you found the profile you wanted, you have few options here:
Browse and check profile
Send a message and start a conversation
Make a contact request and make the user part of your network
Leave a post and share more

5. Feed

Scroll your feed and see more of your network contacts interactions. Proceed to one’s profile by clicking on the profile's icon.

6. Your profile

6.1 See more - here appears additional information for your profile. This can be added and existing information changed from the profile settings button.

6.2 Hide or delete post - taping on the 3 dots, available for each post, you can choose between hiding and deleting a post. Hidden posts can be easily made visible from the same 3 dots.

6.3 Proceed to one’s profile by clicking on profile’s icon or name

7. Burger menu

Here you have quick access to your profile, feed and profile settings. Also, the option to change language. Notifications for messages and contact requests appear here.
From ‘My posts’ you can see the posts you wrote for other users. From here you can withdraw posts.
‘Learn more’ sends you to a resource page with all the information available about the platform.

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