About us

To enable others create and share credibility

We developed Careermore because everyone who cares should be recognised and the good deeds deserve to be rewarded. There is a better way to communicate your credibility. A more human and less invasive, more encouraging and more specific.

We see carrermore as a tool for social change, with an impact in all layers of our life.

For all the situations when you needed to present your standards and to let your actions speak of you. For all the cases when you wanted to acknowledge an act of care or help, for all of the moments when you wished to reward a good deed… Careermore is about enabling all of these.

Our mission is to make good deeds important and valued again. Careermore assists people who want to do more, to achieve more, to care more and to help. Because these are the people we need in any business, organisation and context.

At Careermore we are focused at supporting the motivated and motivating the others.

If you care about what you do and how you do it, people deserve to know about it. Because people need people like you.

Join Careermore to support others and to boost your opportunities.

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